Artistic and not so artistic hobbies
I like learning in general and I'll take classes about virtually anything, cooking lessons abroad being the cherry on the cake. Generally speaking, I enjoy being creative – imagining new concepts, finding solutions to problems, rethinking things that already exist. My hobbies include:

• traveling
• cooking
• writing (novels, scripts)
• graphic and web designing
• singing
• composing music
• eating and wine-tasting
• videogames

Sports (or how to allow myself to eat more)
• tennis, competitively
• badminton, competitively (particularly fierce doubles)
• ping-pong, padel, squash, any racket sport in general
• crossfit, workouts, yoga
• running
• skiing
• swimming and bodyboarding
• handball and volleyball
• I suck at golf no matter how much I enjoy trying
I can speak French and English. I have my driver’s license and I’m used to driving vans full of roaring teenagers. I can also work on the following softwares:

• Microsoft Office
• Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Indesign
• Google Workspace
• Logic Pro
• Canva
• Webflow
• Social networks